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Slings >>    

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As a major break through in material handling industry the firm has innovated special Slings for handling Bulk Cargo like Cement, Soda Ash, Grains etc. These Slings are widely used for material handling of Cargo intended for export and shipments.
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Handling Instruction of a Sling
Precaution to be taken while handling


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Jumbo Bag >>  

[ Jumbo Bag ] [ Used Jumbo Bag ]
They are used for carrying bulk cargo in single package made of Ruffia Cloth for handling Soda Ash, Cement, Dyes Chem etc. The Promoters are resourceful and innovative and technical pesonnel and can design the required products as per specification.
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Niwar Taps ( Mono Tapes ) >>  

The Company is making Niwar Tapes Out of HDPE Monofilament Yarn. The Niwar Tape is used as a support system in Beds, Chairs etc.
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Woven Tapes Lacing System >>  

The Company makes all types of Woven Tapes are used in Parachute Weapon Slings and other Defense purposes.

All Types of Lacing & Strapping system used for securing bulk and movable cargo like Cars, Boxes, Machinery etc. during transportation, are also made by the company.
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Ropes and Twings >>

Ropes can be made from Mono/Multi

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Tents >>


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Container Liner >>

Container Liner can be used in Bulk Loose Cargo in a container.

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