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Slings and Jumbo Bags can be used in the following industries, Where there is bulk transportation involved. (Very much useful at ports for exports)


Agro Products

Beans, Coffee, Cocoa, Pulses, Rice, Tea.


Dyestuffs, Oxides, Pigments.


China Clay, Lime, Lime Stone, Oil well Cement, Talk, White Cement.


Caustics Soda, Soda Ash, Sodium Tripolyphosphate.


Urea, Potash etc.

Food Grains

Dry Yeast, Flour, Milk Powder, Oil cake, Salt, Soya Meal, Starch, Sugar.

Minerals and Ores

Alumina Hydrates, Barytes, Betonies, Gypsum, Mica, Silica etc.

Plastics and Resins

Polystyrene Poly Propylene/Polyethylene, Polymers, Resins/Granuals.

Petro Chemicals

Ploy Vinyl Chloride etc.


Rubber Chemicals, Reclaimed Rubber.

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